It’s easy to explain that it’s like Liu Qingshan’s martial arts master, let alone raising an ordinary person to a military commander, even the martial arts will be terrible

上海419论坛,上海龙凤花千坊,夜上海论坛,上海品茶工作室桑拿会所 It’s easy to explain that it’s like Liu Qingshan’s martial arts master, let alone raising an ordinary person to a military commander, even the martial arts will be terrible

Jack nife Zongwu day when Yang Guang was promoted was another matter, and it was also an ancient warrior who could not confuse the two.
Besides, is Wu Tian just a warrior?
What Yang Guangneng said is just a so-called "collar".
"guanyu? Saint? " This is a new term for Meiqin.
"Aunt should have heard of since? And Wu Sheng is the realm of Wu Zong’s martial arts. For example, there is a Wu Zong in Chang ‘an, and Wu Sheng is even worse than the martial arts. Many, many fighters will do. "
Meiqin is a little incredulous because Yang Guang is too young.
Too young to be believed!
But she also wants to say when Rong will be sent back.
"Uncle is good" Yang Guang doesn’t directly address his father-in-law or change his name to "Dad". He always feels a little awkward. If he is really engaged or changed his name after marriage, there will be no problem.
"Hey, Xiao Yang is here. Sit down and leave me alone."
He is really like this. First, he put his handbag in his hand. It seems that he is busy with things and comes back.
But I really came back from playing mahjong with my friends and neighbors.
Then the water dispenser took a glass of water and drank it before sitting on the sofa next to his wife Meiqin.
Then Yang Guang said it again.
But Rongfa agreed, "This is a good thing. Is it an achievement that military commanders will bring trouble to their lives?" And is there any so-called sequela? I can’t stand severe pain in my old age. "
No matter what Rongfa thinks, at least it supports Yang Guangyi. Is it worthwhile to harm them without her daughter and boyfriend?
Can you make it into Chengdu?
"This will not be a problem, but if you want to live a normal life after your uncle and aunt, try not to do it, because the military commander is too powerful, and once you don’t control his power, it may cause irreparable losses."
Wait a minute, Yang Guang can also take their parents to find a quiet place to try their power.
"For my younger brother, it’s best not to ascend at present, but to let him try to practice independently. If he is unwilling to practice later, he can come to me to ascend the realm of martial arts. This has advantages and disadvantages. Once I help, there is no way to ascend his own realm of martial arts."
Rong family and his wife have no objection, and Yang Guang will be done soon.
Directly in their home, but don’t worry about reiki leaking out in this process. After all, Yang Guang, a powerful warrior, can separate all problems with a real yuan.
All Yang Guangli’s skills of "once gaining the Tao" directly turned the two of them into senior military commanders.
Not only that, they don’t know how powerful they are, and Yang Guang specially took them out of Lantian Community.
Of course, I also brought Rongyu’s younger brother. After all, it’s not worthwhile to leave him alone at home.
However, during the high school flight, the couple were a little dumbfounded because they could feel the huge qi in their bodies, which was a little out of control.
Not only that, they are flying!
How is that possible? It’s a little unbelievable.
But at this moment, I believe in their future son-in-law rather than with a grain of salt. Even Yang Guang turned them into senior military commanders, but there is always a dream-like feeling that seems to be an illusion.