Behind the soldiers and demons, smoke mixed with mud and broken walls splashed everywhere.

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The feet of the earth trembled again, mixed with the roar of several beasts and demons. This movement seems to be more terrible than moving the whole emperor’s mausoleum out of the ground.
Liancheng said to himself, "How difficult the people’s livelihood is!"
Desperate hour
Li Xingyun’s figure emerged in Liancheng’s mind, specifically the figure of Nanshan Buddha.
If the emperor’s tears never come back, there will be one person left who can suppress the demons and turn the tide. This person is suspected to be born with Li Xingyun.
This quote once came from Junze Yukou.
What does Liancheng ask?
Jun Zeyu said five words.
"Because he is a Buddha"
After leaving the Shilin for a hundred years, Uni-Arm left a unique trace along Li Xingyun and found the dry wind building.
Outside the door on the seventh floor
After a little hesitation and vigilance in front of the falling interest, the whole body oscillated and a surging sword suddenly shook the door.
Then I saw a picture.
He didn’t hesitate to make a sword, and it was two swords and a cross.
The room flashed twice, and the sword light seemed to chase the alien, and then it faded, and the wind and waves were calm and quiet, leaving nearly a thousand tiny sword marks everywhere, which were messy and intricate.
With someone
It’s Li Xingyun
I dashed in and caught the figure, shaky and bloody.
Frown from the fall is extremely angry.
He asked, "What’s the matter?"
Will Li Xingyun help table gently next to the sword mark densely stool to sit down.
I coughed a few mouthfuls of blood and turned slightly red, then smiled bitterly. "Do you know?"
"In those days, there was a trick in Li Taibai Dahe Sword Tactics, which was extremely powerful and had not been put to use before he died."
From falling silently listening.
"Earlier years, I studied the sword tactic of Dahe in the Tibetan building of our hospital. I just saw that trick and learned it."
"You’ve always had a high level of understanding in the ten robes, and you can speak as you like. What’s the difficulty of just being a river sword tactic?"
"That trick is called" Ertongxiao ".I didn’t expect Mr. to do it."
"sir? Mr. Bai? Bai Zhiqiu? "
"Yes! Mr. deserves to be a self-taught teacher. "
Chapter ninety-seven Health preaching Buddha
Outside the sky, three pools reflect the moon
This place has changed beyond recognition.
The sky is clear, the blue is whiter, and the white clouds are stained with blood and become blood-red. The sky is hanging overhead and the mountain wind is blowing, making it look shaky.
Several green mountains and rivers around you have also turned into bloody faces, and there are many unrecognizable faces lying on them. Some people have birds and animals.
The pool is silent, and you can’t hear the gurgling water flowing through the mountain stream, nor can you hear the fish swimming in the shallow water. There is a faint ghost crying, and the lingering heart seems to be crying for death.
Qian Fan disappeared, and it was full of broken walls, and it was a pool of water, walking at the feet of white clouds, and mountains and rivers hanging upside down to see heaven and earth.
There is a fairy in heaven and earth fluttering in white, and the old man’s hands are empty and leaning on the sword. The spotless pavilion is straight and the distance is awe-inspiring …
Later generations will remember that the first world war I plan of reflecting the moon in Santan, the outer world, was Xuanshou’s first half-seat Tianli’s joint killing of a pair of alien masters and apprentices. The final result was the loss of realm repair, which was comparable to that of 365 spiritual officers in Lingqiao. Since then, it has been difficult to make progress in realm repair.
But the price paid by the pair of teachers and students calling each other master and apprentice is that in the past, Mr. Bai Zhiqiu left this place completely in a foreign land, and duckweed couldn’t see the way home …
Yu Li Xingyun