He press a button on that landing.


7 layer
It took a while for the ladder to move quickly before it gradually slowed down.
The ringing doorbell rings
The door is closed.
A vast lake.
"Dihu?" Zhang Yinghao way
The two men walked out of the ladder and were led by the waiter to sit on a high platform on the shore of the lake.
There are many high platforms along the lakeshore that have been occupied by people.
These high platforms are obviously heightened and reinforced, and a weapon system is also arranged on the side of the high platform near the lake.
The waiter took out the com and asked a turn to the two men. "It’s been a while since the end of the race. Please wait a moment."
Exquisite snacks and expensive wines were brought.
The two people sat silently waiting for a while and then listened to the attendants saying "good"
See a figure flying towards the center of the earth lake.
The lake is so vast that the man is about to fall in the middle of the leap.
Who knows that his fierce meal broke out again and continued to fly forward.
Gu Qingshan and Zhang Yinghao exchanged glances.
Virtual borrowing this is the realm of Wu Zun
To advance to this level, a martial arts master needs strength, talent and luck.
Wu Zun falls on a raft in the middle of the lake and puts things on his shoulders.
That’s a coma man.
Wu Zun man pressed, turned and flew out of the earth lake.
The man became conscious and he gradually woke up.
At this time, the attendants said, "You can pay attention."
"How to play?" Zhang Yinghao asked
The waiter said, "The time limit for betting on how long he can live from the second is 3 minutes-when 3 minutes are up, he will win if he lives."
"There are three games today, and the person who wins the most will get the lucky prize today."
"What is the lucky prize?" Zhang Yinghao asked
"Every day is different. Today is a part of the cosmic monster. Either a corpse or a strange person is chosen," the attendant said.
Two people looked at each other.
Gu Qingshan Trail "Your natural selection skills are really good"
Zhang Yinghao shrugged. "That’s what I do for a living."
Gu Qingshan looked at the lake and suddenly asked, "What is a lake?"
A dark shadow tens of meters long in the lake is flickering.
"The prehistoric behemoth has been hungry for two days," said the attendant with a smile.
At this time, Gu Qingshan and Zhang Yinghao stood on a high platform on the right.
A middle-aged man smiled and threw a glass full of red liquid.
His strength is good. The glass falls directly near the middle of the lake.
Red liquid spilled out of the lake and spread.
The shadow of the lake swims faster
Zhang Yinghao nose moved low way "is blood"
"Is it okay for him to do this?" Gu Qingshan asked the waiter
"You can’t kill the man in the center of the lake, but you can play any other way." The waiter laughed.
The middle-aged man on the right platform showed off and shouted at his companion, "Look at this big guy. It’s really good to bite people in two at a time."
The woman sitting opposite him gently yawned and said, "Really? That’s terrible."
The woman inadvertently tilted her head and glanced at the high platform next to her and saw Gu Qingshan and Zhang Yinghao.
These two are really beautiful.
She leng leng just slightly sideways carefully studied two people.
Female eyes lit up.
Zhang Yinghao’s good looks, long years of good education and pampering naturally show his big noble bearing.
Gu Qingshan is younger, with fine features and gentle sitting there, and the whole person looks very clean, but with a strange momentum, he can’t say anything at a glance.