To put it in the extreme, it is very dangerous to die!


It’s a little difficult for more than a dozen alien invasion elites to be located in the 42 nd to 40 th laps!
Achieving the goal by law may also bring life danger!
Battlefield often advances and retreats!
Once you retreat, leaving may lead to further setbacks in the war between their elites outside the world!
Can’t retreat!
You can’t retreat and confront each other!
In about forty laps, all kinds of energy fluctuations and undercurrents will surge, and the war will start!
Zhu waves watching this scene eyes flashing.
He is not sure at this moment.
Is it to take this opportunity to have a big war and continue to expand the results?
Or should we maintain a state of confrontation and advance steadily?
To tell the truth Zhu waves some hesitation.
The tense situation between the two sides is easier than causing all this to retreat.
Flying sword recycling circled at YanLie with a smile and glanced at Zhu Lang at the same time.
Xu retreat also don’t know Zhu waves this Phobos World War I headquarters strategic coordinator idea.
In the end, is it a battle?
Or do you want to stop?
But to be on the safe side, we have to stimulate the extraterrestrial elite to retreat and temporarily withdraw the flying sword.
The silver main flying sword and the other three secondary flying swords hover and fly overhead, which is full of deterrence.
Just then, Xu retreated and suddenly looked up at the sky. Suddenly, his expression became more frightening!
It is no longer allowed to think too much.
Residual energy reaction
In an instant, when Xu retreated and directly moved the light speed distortion,
To tell the truth, this ability has not moved for a long time when the speed of light is distorted.
At this moment, it is life-saving!
When the moving speed of light is distorted, the moment of retreat is instant, and the spiritual magnetic pile more than ten meters away is established.
That’s after Xu tui intentionally threw the source crystal powder to hit the mind magnetic pile.
It’s a sign of flying out when it’s in people’s eyes.
But it’s just a moment when Lei Guang emerges from high school and blue Lei Guang directly hides the place where Xu retires.