Squat touched every dog’s head. He went back to the front yard.


With these dogs at home, he is really not worried about the safety of his family.
If a few dogs can’t solve it, even he is delivering vegetables
As if knowing that something bad had happened tonight, Xiaohei didn’t sleep in the eaves of the main house, but followed his master to the front yard and went straight to the eaves of the gate.
Seeing this at the door of Li Chu pharmacy, I was stunned. Suddenly, I didn’t want to see the land in Mentougou.
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Push "I Evil World Editor’s Entry"
brief introduction
Zhou Ning Hao became a puppet emperor in the hands of the great Zhou Chen and the great Sima Xindu after crossing into the world where demons and demons danced around and practiced.
Fortunately, he has a mirror that can "edit entries and rely on creation", so Zhou Ning took advantage of this mirror to try to edit the first entry in this life [Terran God Jiang Hanyin]
The term "Nai’s resources are not enough" was put on hold for the time being, and a few days later, Zhou Ninghao edited his second term "Dead Man" in this life.
This time, the editor succeeded in the night when ten dead men who had just entered the Three Kingdoms attacked the Fu mansion in a suicide way as rebels.
Although the assassination failed, it successfully diverted Fu’s sight.
The lat Zhou Ning Hao edited its entry again.
[Officials of Dali Temple], [Master Acting], [Lingshi], [Rebel General], [Rebel Elite Force], [Zhou Xiao Jiang], [Ministry of War Officials], [Ministry Officials], [Fu Hui Strategist], [Ministry Officials], [Ministry Officials], [General Fu Hui], [Ministry of Justice]
One day, Fu forced the palace to rebel, but only a few people responded.
Zhou Ninghao couldn’t help laughing at this sitting dragon chair. "I didn’t expect them all to be me!"
Chapter seven hundred and seventy-two Clues
After entering the pharmacy, Li Chu first took a shower, only to find that everything was prepared in this room, except the towel.
I can’t help it, but it’s dried.
When he was almost dry, he dressed again. Instead of lying on the camp bed, he sat at the table and carefully recalled the two men he met tonight.
He wants to see if he can draw those two people.
Sitting there recalling for a long time, he still gave up, and really didn’t see the appearance of those two people at all.
Knowing that one bus can be a little sharper, the other one should look like a Chinese character with a thin face.
He doesn’t know anything about this, so he can’t draw anything.
At this point, he still painted with pencil paper for a long time, but in the end, what he drew made him laugh.
If this thing is handed over to the public security to let them take it to find someone, it is estimated that even Wang Jiadong can be secretly scolded.
Shook his head, Li Chu threw two portraits on the table, and then lay down on the camp bed without undressing, so he fell asleep in a daze.
For decades, it was the first time that he was called by his wife, "What time did you sleep last night?" "Maybe it’s three or four o’clock. I didn’t look at it either."
"Go and wash and change clothes again and again. Xiaoyi has bought breakfast back." "I slept really hard." "Who said it wasn’t? I’ve been by the bed for half a day, and you haven’t moved."
Ding Qiunan’s words made Li Chu have to admit that he was old.
If it is before, it is simply impossible. If there is a little movement outside, he will wake up.
Even if you sleep for an hour or two, you will still be full of energy when you wake up early, instead of being a little groggy as you are now.
"by that way, honey, when I went to call you early, I saw a picture of you on the table."
After breakfast, Li Chuche took his wife and Wen Hui to class. On the way, Ding Qiunan suddenly thought of seeing something earlier and said
"Well, what’s wrong?" "Which of the two portraits is the second person?" "Just that Chinese face."
"That man has a boil near his mouth and nose."
"Did you see that?" Li Chu a listen to this step on the foot brake, surprised and asked.
"Yes, it should be a wart. I saw it when he passed us sideways."
"Is the nose left or right?"
"Let’s see." Ding Qiunan turned around and gestured, then said with certainty, "Left, nose left."
Li Chu thought about it. At that time, the two men passed from their left, just left to left, and it was normal to see them.
At that time, his attention was mainly focused on the first person who spoke, but he glanced at the second person behind him and didn’t see it clearly.
"I’ll call Jiadong later and tell him. I may have to give you a record then. Just cooperate."
"That’s no problem."