"I’m sorry, it’s you-"The two women walked out and exchanged tenderness and couldn’t help but look at her short hair.

上海419论坛,上海龙凤花千坊,夜上海论坛,上海品茶工作室品茶论坛 "I’m sorry, it’s you-"The two women walked out and exchanged tenderness and couldn’t help but look at her short hair.

"I’ll forgive you. I just lost my love and changed my hairstyle from scratch."
"Is it necessary to change your hairstyle when you are lovelorn?" Gentle and curious to ask
"He used to say that my hair was so good that I could touch my hair all day. Now I have broken up. Of course I have to cut it off so that he can never see it again."
Gentleness actually wants to say, but the hair is your own.
But then I thought about it, but I still didn’t say it.
This girl looks very straightforward and naive.
At this age, I should experience things gently, but I haven’t had a chance to experience them yet.
No secret love came true, no campus romance, and no first love pain.
The most precious age of a girl …
Forget it. It’s a good thing she’s always by his side.
Gentle thought of here, there is no more envy and sadness
It’s when my cousin knocks on the door and pokes her head into it. There’s a man sitting in the office. Hi!
Teng Yun looked up and saw his cousin disappointed, but he still laughed. How did you cut your hair?
"Your sister, I just liberated, of course, I want to be relaxed." Liu Yang said, and went behind my cousin to hold him. I can see that you are the best for me
Gentle wanted to go in at the door, but she went to tea and poured a cup of tea for her cousin.
Why is it so awkward to hear that?
"That’s when you finally see your brother and I’m good."
"That or you accept me? Look at your daughter-in-law’s apathy, or I’ll satisfy you, sister? "
Liu Yang said, he tried to kiss Teng Yun in his face and immediately hid, but my girl’s position was too good
Brother and sister are making out when they gently knock on the door with tea.
Liu Yang sits on his leg and pesters him. You give me a suite or I’ll kill you now.
My little girl does what she says, so she crosses her knees and sits in a different position.
Gentle can’t bear to look straight at TengYun to the door and see his wife and adults there-if you are a fool
Gentle and embarrassed, gently pulled my voice. I brought tea in
"Didn’t you say you shouldn’t do it after that?" Tengyun watched his wife, but she couldn’t help it.
Smile gently but don’t say anything. After tea, look at my sister hanging beside my brother. Nai takes a deep breath and walks out.
She has never been so active with her husband. Even she has never done anything. She has seen more than two women do it to him.
Is it your problem or his problem?
"Why are you so kind to her? It’s your wife who wants to tease you at home, but you’re secretive in the office. Who will end the water?" Liu Yang was a little jealous, so she grinned and said that she was heartless.
"Well, it’s nothing. Go home quickly," he said, and could not help looking at the door.
And tenderness was never in place. I felt uncomfortable in my stomach and washed my hands.
"When did you care so much about others? Before you hurt Su Jin, it was just that she was a widow. Now you love you again. Do you have your sister or me in your heart?" Disappointed brother has a heart hanging on others, and she actually felt it at once.
"Tenderness is not enough in your heart after your sister-in-law." But when it comes to being a brother or a husband, he still knows which side he should be on.
Liu Yang pushed him aside and waited for you. I’ll see how long that woman can spoil you. I bet it won’t be more than half a year.
Later, when she went out, Gentle had come back to answer the phone. She was waiting there for Gentle. As soon as she hung up, she asked Wenmi, how long did you say you could be spoiled by my brother? Why don’t we make a bet? If it’s six months, I’ll call you sister-in-law. If it’s six months, you’ll-disappear automatically.
Do you still bet on such a thing?
"No one bet you and watch how I love your sister-in-law until I get old." She was thinking about how to deal with it when Tengyun had come out and pulled tenderness into her arms and hooked her gentle shoulder to demonstrate against Liu Yang.
Look up at him gently. Aren’t these two brothers and sisters always very good?
Pinched because she was gentle?
Gentle, silent, silent, face without hostility and no other meaning
Liu Yang snorted. I’m still betting. Bye, guys.
Xiu En ‘ai died young, didn’t you know?
When Liu Yang got off the ladder, he was still muttering. The thought of his present situation and the thought of his brother’s situation made him feel bad.