He didn’t even blink an eye when he said these words, and this humiliating punishment had a stronger psychological impact on Hammer than what he said to destroy her family, and Hammer felt that … This Sun must be serious.

上海419论坛,上海龙凤花千坊,夜上海论坛,上海品茶工作室喝茶品茶联系方式 He didn’t even blink an eye when he said these words, and this humiliating punishment had a stronger psychological impact on Hammer than what he said to destroy her family, and Hammer felt that … This Sun must be serious.

"What do you think?" The hammer reaches out and pinches Hammer’s face like an animal. "Tut-tut’s face is quite beautiful. There are definitely many people willing to play for five dollars."
Hammer was pale. She bit her lip and lowered her head without saying a word. She looked serious as if she had been thinking about something for a long time without saying anything.
"What do you want us to do?"
"Do what?" Dinghammer shrugged. "Help me with my work!"
After that, he leaned into Hammer’s ear. "I’ll give you a bottom line. I have three years to see your performance. If you behave well, you will not be a bandit. My mayor has recommended the mayor. Oh, of course, you should consider it yourself."
Consider … Hammer’s heart. This guy says nice things, but he doesn’t have a choice. Consider what? Work or die? And if he tells the truth, it may not be an opportunity for Hammer, but what he says is a lie … Hammer can’t find out the reason why this rogue wants to lie, because most of his life is in his hand, and he doesn’t need to lie at all.
"But but I want to sign a contract with you."
"Is there a difference between signing and not signing?" Fixed hammer sneer at a way "always want to do what do you think what contract is suitable for me? So you have to agree or disagree. He doesn’t have your say and gives you a night to consider. "
Said the hammer hammer hammer hammer butt force a twist, and then turned to look away without any fortification to her, but that’s what made Hamergen afraid to make a move.
She didn’t go back to the flagpole of the barracks all night and sat silently all night. Yes or no, she struggled back and forth. It was not until it was bright that Han Mo felt a little tired when the aborigines in the village got up to do farm work.
"Still can’t decide? His mother’s IQ is low enough. "I don’t know when the hammer will come from behind, and then a coin will be thrown into Hammer’s hand." Throw it and you will get the result. "
Hammer took the coin and didn’t look at the hammer. He stared at the money in his hand. He kept chanting something in Silla. He didn’t understand the hammer and didn’t bother to ask. He climbed into a reed grove by the lake with a pillow on his back and basked in the sun.
And then suddenly there came a roar outside. Just as the whistle was lying down, the hammer suddenly rose from the ground. Then blazing with anger looked at the wish, and then he saw three trucks weighing more than 32 wheels coming slowly from a distance.
Then I saw the first car with good eyesight. It was actually a whole car day and various engineering equipment.
This made Ding Hammer a little confused. He didn’t get the news that he still had this extra reward. He met the intersection with a puzzled face.
Three trucks slowly stopped in front of him, and then dozens of soldiers came to the head. Then the first guy gave a military salute to the hammer and said with a loud voice, "No.4 Army of Daying Zhouqiao reports to you!"
"What is the situation?"
"Sir! The president urgently transferred the No.4 army to come here to help you complete the infrastructure! "
The hammer didn’t say anything. This is a slurping mouth and turning around three cars. It really has everything … The first car is a Japanese train, the second car is actually a car full of soldiers, and the third car …
"Fuck what you brought!" The hammer pointed to the third car and shouted, "What is this!"
"Sir, this is a modular high-strength house, which was approved by the President." The sergeant looked a little odd. "He … also approved a cat …"
The words sound just fell, and a black shadow emerged from the car, then flashed across the shoulder of the hammer and then looked at the hammer coldly …
"Ca…… …" The hammer suddenly smiled. "You idiot …"
The ham sticks out its tongue and licks its lips, and then the claw grabs the hammer face as usual …
The hammer suddenly caught off guard, and there was a blood mark on his face, while the ham looked at the hammer with a smug expression of "as I expected" and … enjoyed licking his paws.
"Mom …" Burying his face in the hammer, Ding Yi grinned with pain. "Can’t his mother say hello in another way?"
Chapter 72 The Royal Park
It’s really not to mention that the things shipped by three giant tyrants are really overbearing. The equipment of those pontoon bridge soldiers is definitely not comparable to that of Hammer. The three basic facilities in this place will have been completed in one noon.
The first is the power facility, four high-power spar generators, the second is the fresh water purification facility with a set of wind pumping system, and the third is a set of biogas conversion manure system with ground toilets … which looks high-end atmosphere.
Then there was an independent laboratory with all kinds of equipment. It was estimated that Bai Fei applied for it in the name of a hammer, and the president agreed with a stroke of his hand