Qinghe is also so impressed by Wang Foer’s magical skills. Although he heard about the magical prescription of the 24 solar terms, he saw it with his own eyes and estimated that his evaluation of Wang Foer was secretly higher.

上海419论坛,上海龙凤花千坊,夜上海论坛,上海品茶工作室品茶论坛 Qinghe is also so impressed by Wang Foer’s magical skills. Although he heard about the magical prescription of the 24 solar terms, he saw it with his own eyes and estimated that his evaluation of Wang Foer was secretly higher.

"If there is an opportunity, we must attract this young man to our home. There are not many pharmacists with strong martial arts."
Wang Foer didn’t know what Qinghe was thinking. After slaying the corpse demon in one fell swoop, he immediately sensed some wonderful changes, and a little spirit overflowed from the corpse demon body and flew straight to the sky to those animals.
An animal that accepted the spirit immediately shrank and became a winged monster that looked like a human being and not like a human being.
"Originally not resin demon is a ghost ghost will! Wrong, this monster has the fourth power, which is extremely rare! "
Wang Foer knew that the blue crane was also afraid of the soldiers who died on the battlefield. It would be more common to turn them into corpse soldiers, but it would be less pitiful to turn them into ghost soldiers, and it would be rare for ghost soldiers to advance to ghost ghosts than a higher-level corpse demon.
To have five forces to ghost magic demon even if the evil spirits in the way of Wang Foer also have never seen half.
Because ghosts and ghosts are not afraid of attacking a ghost demon with a lance, their lethality is ten times higher than that of the resin demon at the same level.
"This thing is a good thing. I want to accept it!"
Wang Foer made a decision almost immediately.
The blue crane slowly pulled a purple fire long knife with his hands, and his hands slowly revealed that the ghost demon seemed to be afraid of his magic weapon, but he dared not rush at once, although the sky roared.
"Brother Huoqimei, please help me create an opportunity for me to slay the sword in 24 solar terms!"
"Light fire purple fire ten mutiny! It’s no wonder that Brother Qinghe can hurt this monster. "Wang Foer immediately knew that Qinghe relied on his heart to figure out that" it is the best strategy to make a containment force to give Qinghe a chance. "
After all, the ten mutinies of the Purple Fire came from the Great Lantuo Temple, and the Tathagata blessed the gods. The transformation has far more lethal effect on evil life than the twenty-four solar terms swordsmanship.
At the beginning, an emperor in the Dagan Dynasty risked his life to sneak into the Dalai Lama Temple to learn ten skills. Not only did he successfully steal a part of the Dalai Lama Temple, but he also changed the Tathagata to bless the gods and created the practice of limiting light fire and purple fire.
It was the emperor who somehow left this method of limiting light and fire in Dalan Tuo Temple, so that later monks could also take part in this martial arts. After the emperor returned to Dagan Dynasty, Yingtian Academy had two more magical powers. After several decades, Yingtian Academy improved these two methods in addition to a talented Confucian scholar, and successfully launched the six major towns in Yingtian Academy in the same row, which made the fire martial arts become the mainstream.
Wang Foer’s look is constant and calm, and the attributes are different. All kinds of firm but gentle suddenly formed layers of sword nets all over the sky, and absorbed ghosts, phantoms and animals to the other end as a hood.
After the rib gave birth to wings, the speed of this big demon doubled again, and it often changed its body spirit freely. It was Wang Foer’s fencing that could not lock the specific position of this ghost demon for a while.
Seeing Wang Foer show his swordsmanship not only makes this ghost demon unable to drop half a point, but also takes the opportunity to shoot down those animals one by one, and the blue crane’s face also smiles. The overbearing ratio of purple fire and ten mutinies can not only make the flame enrage all kinds of weapons, but also multiply the flame temperature, limit the light and fire, and martial arts in three places can promote the lethality of martial arts.
Although there is no way to enhance the lethality, it can be launched in the illusory world, but it is the same as the first-class martial arts.
"I closed the martial arts this time to meet this ghost magic demon again. There are also 50-50 points in the outcome. I didn’t expect to meet the fire. This interesting teenager seems to have seven points to grasp when slaying this ghost magic demon."
Green crane with Wang Foer fighting with the ghost magic demon is more intense than the palm of his hand, and there is no fluctuation in the purple fire magic, and he doesn’t look at the battlefield for half a time. He is obviously looking for the best fighter
Although the head of the ghost demon has enlightened the intelligence, it is just like the blood magic pig king copper corpse Jingge class, and it has not yet reached the point of understanding the strategic art of war. With Wang Foer Dou Jiu, he is not anxious and miserable, and his hands are screaming to the ground, and a big gun with a long pole has soared high.
It reached out a grip to resin gas suddenly rose again to a higher level.
In the face of Wang Foer’s layers of firm but gentle shock wave, this ghost magic demon no longer evades Yun Jin’s big gun. A tragic explosion and a big gun rushed from the sky, and it became a few shots. It turned out that Wang Foer had never seen it before.
"It turns out that this ghost demon actually hides its strength. This pistol method seems to be inferior to the old stick method only if I ride a knife in the black armor or draw a halberd in the red."
In the face of the crisis, Wang Foer forced the original ancestor to change his mind, but made a vertical palm knife and spelled it out with a five-sacred knife.
The sword, rainbow, gun and shadow just collided together. Even if the ghost demon can gain momentum for a while, he can’t strengthen the gun and forcibly pick Wang Foer in the middle.
Before the Five-Mountain Divine Knife comes out, it is similar to moving mountains from Dalan Tuo Temple to Yuenian Fa-shaped gas field. First, the prisoner locks the target action, and then the sword rainbow body can often cut the enemy with one move if it encounters a weaker opponent.
Wang Foer stole this trick from Qu Hanchan. Although it was the first time to apply it, it also seemed like an analog to give full play to this way of using saber.
Although Wang Foer deliberately concealed his skill, he fought recklessly with this ghost demon and knocked his opponent back, and his body collapsed at the same time.
Looking at this ghost demon, there are several blood and rain in the middle, and the flesh and blood of the body fall inch by inch to the blue crane. Where will the time be lost? He drank a purple fire sword in his palm and jumped from feet to ten feet with more than one breath. His posture was moved like a magic flash, and he had already retreated by the appearance of the ghost demon.
Wang Foer couldn’t help but regret it when he saw the awesome power of Qinghe.
Chapter 29 West Golden Gate
"Too bad I won’t beat you first!"
Wang Foer, who is holding a topaz seal town in his hand, is very worried about the cruel attack on the blue crane. The ghost demon is extremely rare. He has seven black armor Xuan riding a blood magic pig, king copper corpse Jing Geyu, and it is enough to lead the corpse soldiers with the true pupil, but there is no ghost soldier who can command the ghost demon.
The timing of Qinghe’s hand can be critical, but I still misjudged the strength of the ghost demon. This rare ghost demon turned into a pale flame with a piercing wail. The bust was like a military commander, but it turned into a light flame. In the palm of my hand, it was still the pole, the pike and the green crane.
Even the lowest ghost soldiers can float several feet from the ground, and ghosts will come and go, such as this ghost demon, whose flying ability from the ground is not inferior to that of a master.
The green crane and purple fire failed to cut the opponent with several strokes, and Wang Foer had to worry about drinking and grabbing.
Qinghe was slightly surprised that the swordsmanship of the twenty-four solar terms was not good in close combat. Although he saw Wang Foer just now making the five sacred swords fight back, it was not white that the youth club was about to speak out when he saw Wang Foer’s hand magic a group of pure yellow light, and the ghost magic demon disappeared with a blow.
"Just kill this ghost demon?"
He didn’t know that Wang Foer was also surprised that Topaz Fengzhen had received two ships with seven heads and seven black armor and Xuan riding more than two seats, but as the ghost demon was received, those animals with sharp claws and four wings also turned into light smoke, and as the ghost demon rushed into Fengzhen.
"Brother Qinghe, what is this ghost demon and those animals sealed for me?"
Hearing Wang Foer’s questioning, Qinghe’s face was shocked and it was hard to hide. He asked, "Brother Huo Qimei actually has a hand that can seal the ghost demon?"
Wang Foer smiled and said, "I was once instructed by Eugene Stoner, but I accidentally got some good materials and made a few pieces to seal the town."
Qinghe knew that Wang Foer was not telling the truth, but he couldn’t force this small energy to clap his sleeve robe and simply said, "The ghost demon has been able to find its own body. These ghosts and animals that have detained it have become an organic whole, and of course it will be sealed with you."
"So that’s it!"
Wang Foer said with a faint hand, "Since things are over here, I will leave first and see you later!"