Dealing with Monty King Xu Ren’s close attack will give him a new force. In addition, he ordered the fly sword gravity attack to create a lot of pressure for those heavenly demons.

上海419论坛,上海龙凤花千坊,夜上海论坛,上海品茶工作室桑拿会所, 桑拿夜网 Dealing with Monty King Xu Ren’s close attack will give him a new force. In addition, he ordered the fly sword gravity attack to create a lot of pressure for those heavenly demons.

Xu Ren directly rushed to a monk who was living in a human fairy land, confronted the Three-Day Demon King and directly waved his Xinghai sword and chopped it at the Three-Day Demon King.
The three-day demon king is not afraid of Xu Ren. His physical strength is stronger than that of the three-day The Hunger king. It is just what he wants when Xu Ren comes.
A muffled sound to Xu Ren’s figure was also involuntarily inverted by powerful forces.
Of course, the situation of the three-day demon king is not good either, and his body shape is also shaken backwards by the powerful anti-seismic force to go out more than ten feet away.
The three-day demon king confronted the immortal realm, and the great monk felt incredible about how powerful the three-day demon king was. He had personally learned that now Xu Ren can repel him only by physical strength, making him feel that he was dreaming.
Just when the immortal monk was shocked, Xu Ren had once again rushed towards the three-day demon king
The three-day demon king didn’t think that Xu Ren’s power would be so strong, but he couldn’t back down, so when he saw Xu Ren coming at him again, he went to meet him without saying much.
Suddenly Xu Renhe and the three-day demon king collided again.
This time, the two sides are still tied, and the strength of both sides is not much different. If you want to win or lose in this way, it will depend on who has the better endurance.
After the collision again, the three-day monty king was also anxious and took the initiative to attack Xu Ren.
Xu Ren saw that the three-day demon king rushed to himself and suddenly controlled two life flying swords to release a gravity attack.
The former Xu Ren also released a gravity attack, but it was a single fly sword gravity attack, but now it is a superposition of two fly swords gravity attacks, which is much stronger than a fly sword.
The sudden increase in gravity also made the Three-Day Devil somewhat caught off guard, and his figure was directly short.
Just when the Three-Day Devil made a mistake, Xu Ren Jianying had been killed.
The three-day demon king consciously waved his sword and naturally defeated Xu Ren’s sword shadow directly.
However, although Xu Ren’s sword shadow was defeated, the power in Xu Ren’s sword shadow fell directly to the three-day demon king.
Xu Ren’s sword shadow contains a powerful thunder force, which is also extremely restrained for the inferno.
So the body of the three-day demon king was directly set in place.
This opportunity can’t be missed by Xu Ren, so he hit the three-day demon king with a sword shadow containing skyfire.
For three days, the devil was in a hurry, but his body couldn’t move at all, even if he was in a hurry, it was nothing.
Chapter one thousand and ten Zongmen Order
Xu Ren’s two swords have successively fallen into a three-day demon king, whose strength is not bad, but he is still in trouble in the face of Xu Ren’s two swords.
The three-day demon king was not only immobilized, but also burst into flames.
Xu Ren didn’t want to give the three-day demon king a chance, so the two swords hit the three-day demon queen and offered a dozen powerful five-line lightning ofuda.
The thunder force released by the superposition of more than a dozen five-line lightning ofuda is stronger than that of Xu Ren’s sword shadow.
It doesn’t make any difference that the three-day demon king and the three-blood demon king are different demons, but the end result is the same. His body was burned up by the flame and the demon soul was directly detained by Xu Ren’s flying sword.
The little girl also achieved success over there. She also helped an immortal to kill a three-day demon king. The demon soul of the three-day demon king was naturally taken away by Xu Ren’s flying sword.
Xu Ren and Xiao Xiaoer helped two immortal monks kill two Three-Day Demons, and Han and Zhu Yuque also helped Shen Tengyun solve the Three Blood Demons.
The Three Blood Devil should know that he has no way out, so Zhu Yuque Zhu Zhu and Han Yuer directly chose to blow themselves up when they attacked him.
Moreover, the three kings of The Hunger also blew themselves up very thoroughly, not only to blow themselves up with blood ShaQi, but also to blow themselves up with their own demons.
After the Three Blood Demons blew themselves up, Han Yuer, Zhu Yuque, Zhu Zhu and Shen Tengyun were all liberated again, so this one person and two demons went to support other monks.
In this way, the advantages of human beings can be revealed, and there are more and more fallen high-order demons.
After about a wick of incense, the little demon leopard Molin also succeeded in forcing the Three Blood Demons to explode.
However, when the Three Blood Devil blew himself up, it was not particularly thorough, and the demon soul also blew itself up. However, even if the Three Blood Devil did not blow himself up, his demon soul did not escape and was directly swallowed by the little demon leopard Molin.
The inferno demon soul is almost the same as the human friar Yuan God.
After the human monks have reached the realm of immortals, the original Yuan baby will become the Yuan God.
Yuan Shen not only has the power of Yuan Ying, but also has more powerful avatar.
The same is true of the demon soul of the inferno, which has a strong power and, of course, a memory of the inferno
The little demon leopard devours the soul of the Three Blood Devils, which is equivalent to controlling the memory of the Three Blood Devils, which is very beneficial for Xu Ren to master the inferno.
When the little demon leopard devoured the demon soul of the Three Blood Devils, Jiang Yang, the patriarch of Thousand Moon Immortals, and Marco, the patriarch of Zhenyang Immortals in Japan, also helped Dongyan kill the Three Blood Devils.
In fact, this three-The Hunger king was also forced to choose to blow himself up, but his demon soul was taken away by Xu Ren.
Xu Ren naturally noticed when Xu Ren was still bothering the three-day demon king, but his spirit was focused on the surrounding situation, when the three-blood demon king was forced to explode.
In this way, he will naturally not miss the opportunity to imprison the Three Blood Devils.
Jiang Yang, the patriarch of Qianyue Xianzong, and Marco, the patriarch of Zhenyang Xianzong in Dongying Prefecture, helped Dongyan kill a three-blood demon king in the inferno of Queen The Hunger, and his department has been killed.
This is also a great gain for human monks.
Of course, human monks have also suffered many casualties, but on the whole, the acceptable range is at least much smaller than the inferno loss.
Without the Three Blood Demons, the inferno mentality has also changed.
The strength of three blood demons in these infernos is recognized. Now three kings of The Hunger have been killed, and several three-day demons have also fallen. These infernos naturally have fears in their hearts.
Once the fear arises, it will spread bit by bit, and if the situation does not reverse, the fear in these demons will accumulate bit by bit, and it is very likely that it will eventually become a straw to overwhelm these demons.
Xu Renshi, who is afraid of inferno, can also guess that The Machine, like a human heart, will change with the environment. Although they are all too proud before, once they are frightened, they will react as well as humans, even worse than humans.
Xu Ren when choosing to powerful three-day demon king is also to further create greater psychological pressure for those demons.
Xiao Xiaoer, Shen Tengyun, Dong Yan, Han Yuer and Zhu Yuque Zhu Zhu didn’t know Xu Ren’s idea, but they knew that Xu Ren couldn’t do anything wrong, so they all made moves towards those powerful three-day demons.
The number of Three-Day Demons in this inferno team hiding in the Cold Star Fairy Gate is a little more than that of Three Blood Demons, but it is not too much. Xu Ren, Xiao Xiaoer, Shen Tengyun, Dong Yan, Han Yuer, and Zhu Yuque Zhu Zhu all fell soon.
The fall of the demon king in three days made those demons feel snow and frost, and for the first time, they lost confidence in their hearts.
Sometimes confidence is really important, especially for both sides who are facing each other. One side is more confident in attack and defense, and the chances of winning are naturally greater.
However, it is difficult for Nuo Nuo to win if it is not confident enough.