Staring at Xiao Yu for a while, the black clouded leopard grinned and showed a ferocious expression. The limbs rushed over with a bang, and the speed was as fast as a black flash to Xiao Yu’s head.

上海419论坛,上海龙凤花千坊,夜上海论坛,上海品茶工作室桑拿夜网 Staring at Xiao Yu for a while, the black clouded leopard grinned and showed a ferocious expression. The limbs rushed over with a bang, and the speed was as fast as a black flash to Xiao Yu’s head.

Danger coming Xiao Yu ferocity is also inspired!
Escape or die!
Xiao Yu baohou propped up a seriously injured body and forced the remaining strength to gather together and broke out into a strong light to meet the past with one punch.
His essence climbed to the extreme, and his potential for violent struggle exploded exponentially before his death, but he tried his best to integrate the shock-word tactic and the crack-word tactic into it! Keep it!
At this moment, he is flying like a fiend with long hair!
In an instant, the two collided!
A terrible air billow swept the surrounding trees into pieces, and the ground cracks were rolled up.
Both bodies are motionless.
"Tick-tock" ""
Blood fell to the ground, and Xiao Yu’s mouth and nose were bleeding, and the scar on his left shoulder was cracked again, and blood gurgled.
He didn’t die. He looked up at the black clouded leopard.
The black clouded leopard’s body didn’t move for a moment before spitting blood from its seven orifices, and then several cracks appeared in its huge body, like breaking porcelain.
From those cracks, several blood spurted out, and Zizi rang all over the sky.
"Roar “`"
Unwilling to let out a roar, the black clouded leopard plopped down and twitched its limbs for a moment, then its mouth was motionless and a large piece of dirty debris dripped from the inside.
It was shattered by Xiao Yu from the outside!
Xiao Yu body wobbly and plop down.
He took a few deep breaths to melt the magic of the heavenly body, and all of a sudden, all his vitality came rushing towards his body.
Everything aura was taken away!
Plants wither and rocks crush!
The surrounding ground is visible to the naked eye, and it dries up and turns into pieces of loess in the blink of an eye, and this yellow area continues to spread around.
Before, when he was running the alchemy, he was still in control and didn’t dare to devour all things. Now he is seriously injured and dying, so he can’t care so much.
Thick vitality, like a white dragon, went toward his body and melted into thick strength, which made his nearly dry body appear bursts of vitality again.
Half an hour later
Xiao Yu stopped devouring the surrounding area for several miles, and all the vitality was swallowed up. From a high point of view, the environment around here is completely different!
Xiao Yu also finally restored some strength.
He got up and walked to the front of the black clouded leopard, and smashed its head with one punch. He caught a black purple Dan in his hand.
After wiping away the blood, Xiao Yu swallowed Nadan directly, and then his body quickly left here.
Half an hour later
After several streamers in high school crossed the strange scene, their faces changed slightly and rushed to check.
"There are traces of war here!"
"It’s that teenager. He must have just gone a long way!"
Several refined dirty strongmen immediately went up into the sky and searched around.
Xiao Yu hides his breath all the way to avoid the pursuers from all over the world.
Two days later, Xiao Yu escaped from the dense forest and finally saw a town.
This is a huge town called Tianlan City, which is very majestic and covers a vast area. People are bustling and complicated, and the population is not millions. You can see powerful monks everywhere in the streets.
Xiao Yu has been running away these days, exhausted, and he didn’t grow a sigh of relief until he entered this city. The population of this city is so large that those pursuers can’t find him again, can they?
It’s noon now, and Xiao Yu hasn’t had a good meal for a long time, just as he is going to find a restaurant to have a good meal.
Suddenly, he glanced at a corner where many monks appeared in the crowd, as if watching something.
Is wrinkly to knit the brows Xiao Yu is flashing eyes.
It doesn’t matter at first glance!
The face sticker turned out to be his portrait, and it was even more marked with a reward. Those who found his trail offered a reward of 10,000 yuan to Shenmu Zong!
"Damn “`"
Xiao Yu’s face changed and he quickly lowered his head. It’s a good thing that few people found him, otherwise it would be a dead end.
"Is this city the territory of Shenmu Sect?"
His heart became uneasy.
He found a deserted place, took out a cloak with his head and walked towards a restaurant.
"Anyway, let’s have a full meal first and then we can’t wronged our bodies."
Xiao Yu determined to go on the second floor and immediately ordered a table.
At this time, restaurants are talking about it.
"Big Brother, who has great power and small wealth, has not been found by so many forces. It is even more difficult than Li Sandao!" Next to a Hankou said
Actually talking about yourself?
Xiao Yu heart motionless color listened to the past.
"I don’t know who he is, as if he suddenly jumped out of a stone. He appeared and disappeared. I don’t know how many powerful people have been deployed these days. I suspect that he is probably a brother who came out of those ancient holy religions!" A big fellow low said
"What? People in the ancient holy religion! "
"Shh, keep a low profile. All the major doors are trying to block his identity as far as possible, because once that small identity is confirmed, no one will dare to hunt him down. You don’t want to think that we can afford to provoke ancient saints?"
"Say yes, don’t say that we are the first-class clan of Shenmu Sect, and the ancient holy religion is also scum in its eyes. If we don’t tell our origins in that small day, these clans will not stop until they kill him!"
"Ancient Holy Religion"
Xiao Yu eyes flashing heart quickly turned up.
Chapter 60 Shenmu Sect
The so-called ancient holy religions are all absolute terror and powerful forces, which have endured for years, and the land in southern Xinjiang stands immortal and motionless after thousands of times!
What’s more, the ancestors of the ancient holy religion are all supernatural figures, leaving behind all kinds of inheritance beyond the imagination of the world, and sending a character casually can sweep the enemies of the same order in the world!
Xiao Yu didn’t expect someone to treat him as a middleman in the ancient holy religion. At that time, his heart was pondering.
"Ancient holy religion is a good identity, but it will definitely make me strive for great initiative when necessary." His mind turned
At this time, the crowd continued to talk.
"That small strength is terrible. It is said that the female official of Qing Ming Zong Tianjiao was badly beaten and her dying bones were shattered. Since then, her temperament has changed greatly and she has been scared all the time!"
"What? You said that when he was only seventeen years old, he reached the official position of coagulation! "
"Who else can she be?"
"It’s so cruel that even such a proud woman has to kill her. This person is really mad!"
Many people are saddened.