"By the way that Mr Zhuge is a person? Does the war report sue the god of war praise this person? And repeatedly borrow this wisdom? "

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An official suddenly asked him that he was older and calmed down first.
All eyes are on the guards.
Even the emperor’s eyes are full of hatred. It’s all because of this Mr. Zhuge. It must be this person who changed the war situation in northern Xinjiang!
"Report back to your adults."
The bodyguard arched his hand and said with pride, "Mr. Zhuge’s name is Zhuge Liang, and Mr. Wolong! General Su once boasted that Mr. Zhuge’s intelligence was not inferior to that of a strategist. "
"My empire was thus! He has never been promoted! "
Someone can’t help but be surprised.
Reading Qingyi is even more powerful, intelligent and Uber?
This is a great event!
You know, it’s hard for the orc empire to have a clear mind and a Zhuge Liang.
Many people have a small plan in their hearts, and they are bent on Su Yu, but the mystery of Zhuge Liang’s origin may not be impossible to pull into their own effectiveness!
If you master this powerful fate figure, you will definitely grasp high words in the imperial city.
However, the words received by the guards severely shattered the dreams of a group of careerists.
"Mr Zhuge is a native of Beishan County and also a royal strategist of my grandfather! Mr. Zhuge once said that if you are happy to know the horse, you will be brilliant! "
Guards said with pride.
Humanity is the mighty God of War. Do you know that Gongye is brilliant?
My grandfather is not bad either!
Dragon begets dragon, phoenix begets phoenix!
Is grandpa a loser?
He’s a real genius!
The proud words of the guards made everyone stupid. wait for a while looked at Su Yu.
A great victory report in northern Xinjiang made the whole situation different, and all this was because of that Zhuge Liang who was Su Yu’s strategist!
Everyone is white in an instant!
All this is Su Yu’s layout!
What a mind!
What a means!
What a bold!
What a boldness of vision to inspire a hundred thousand troops and devour a million enemies!
This good thing has been taken up by Su Wangfu!
The emperor is holding his fist. It’s all because of Su Yu! This fucking guy! All because of him! I must take revenge! I must take revenge!
I won’t kill Su Yu!
The big emperor’s eyes sparkled with hatred. At this moment, he no longer wanted to estimate the situation!
He wants to kill Su Yu!
It’s hard to vent my hatred if I don’t kill Su Yu!
16 Chapter 16 Good news frequency shocked the imperial city!
"Now do you still think that the beast king will not promise this Covenant?"
Su Yu sneer at Andrew dribbling.
Andrew took a deep breath and looked respectfully at Su Yu. "Little prince, I still need to tell the beast king, but how many days can I think about it?" Waiting for news? "
Su Yu indifferently waved his hand and sneered, "I’ll give you seven days to think about it. After seven days, no matter what the result is, whether you sign this Covenant or not! You have to get out of the imperial city with the beasts! "
Su Yu naturally won’t kill Andrew. This is his slave. He also expects Andrew to sit in the position of beast king.
"Andrew will try his best to satisfy the little prince!"
Andrew’s expression is very respectful, and he has not been angered by Su Yu.
Su Yu rolled out of the imperial city and let everyone feel carefree. Let’s take a look at Andrew’s respectful expression. Full Chao Wu straightened his back involuntarily.
This is the pride and pride that the Great Emperor never gave them.
Su Yu glanced at the field and glanced at the big emperor with a wave and said indifferently, "By the way, I almost forgot one thing."
They have looked at Su Yu some good.
What are you going to do when you are just a big emperor?
Big emperor also involuntarily felt a quiver in alert to Su Yu.
"Because the violent hall can almost make a big mistake! The king hereby announces that he will deprive the hall of all duties! Cancel the engagement of Su Wangfu! Don’t leave the palace again until you wake up from confinement! "
Su Yu cold so drink a word every sentence is shocking.
The great emperor was just Su Yu, but his status as a gentleman was not enough and he was deprived of his post and interests! Abolish the engagement! Restrained bedroom!
Su Yu, this is to suppress the hall to death at one time, so that he can completely turn over!
"You, you can’t do this!"
Big emperor face one leng was blue and white with a full face of fear growled.
If there is no profit and status, he is no longer the one who is admired by people!
And Su Yu’s words of waiting for the position to wake up before dealing with it made the big emperor even more cold sweat. He didn’t dare to wait for the position to wake up!
Because the big emperor did things behind his back, it is not enough to let him die ten thousand times!
"Su Jiu, you take people to watch him!"
Su Yu cold hum a look at the big emperor tragic roar turned and walked away from the court.
The emperor roared and his expression was full of despair and bitterness.
"The hall darling come with me!"
Su Jiu’s expression is cold and he is carrying the big emperor’s neck regardless of his desperate struggle. Su Jiu takes the big emperor to his own bedroom to personally escort him!
If it weren’t for the special status of the Great Emperor, Su Yu had sent someone to cut him down directly, which would make him so hard to be confined.
After Su Yu left, Andrew left in a hurry with his guards. They wanted to confirm the authenticity of the northern Xinjiang war report through the information of the orc empire
Is a risk-averse left with full ChaoWu looked at each other silence soon dispersed.